Thursday, June 21, 2018
Employers, Corporate Recruiters, Executive Search Consultants, CPAs and others are encouraged to use the power of The FENG as a resource for senior financial management positions.  Opportunities can be posted in the FENG e-mail newsletter for exposure to the national FENG membership, or just the St. Louis Chapter.  If a position description is fully specific as to location, cash compensation range, "must have" experience, personal attributes and academic credentials, there will typically be several qualified responses with 48 hours.  Leads can be handled on a completely confidential basis when necessary. 

There are no fees for this service. 

Posting Requirements

Requests for posting should be submitted through the St. Louis Chapter Member Communications Chair by E-mail at including contact information, location (i.e. St. Louis Metro), and salary range in a word document (.doc format without graphics).

Positions >100k are usually posted in 2 business days; <100k in 5 business days. 

FENG qualified job leads require a minimum salary of 100k

Friends of FENG are for positions under 100k

Contract Opportunities cover related consulting and part-time postings

Occasionally, we will post a position which says "meets FENG minimum salary requirements" or "does not meet FENG minimum salary requirements" in lieu of a salary range.   But we do prefer an actual salary range.  This assures the FENG members responding do not waste their time or yours applying for opportunities that do not fit their salary needs.