The FENG Story

The Financial Executive Networking Group (FENG) is a professional executive networking organization composed of over 40,000 senior level financial executives.

The FENG is an international organization with local chapters in most major U.S. Cities and a number of international cities including Mexico City, San Paulo, Paris, London, Shanghai and many more. The strength of the organization is not only having a broad network of contacts to correspond with, but leveraging the strength of the local chapter both for networking, education and sharing financial expertise.  The local chapter provides a variety of events to encourage members to meet other colleagues in their profession … affording members an opportunity to form personal relationships with their peers and to form networking relationships with a broad range of other business people within the community.

These network connections are extremely valuable for all individuals who wish to build or expand their network of business associations whether in job transition or permanently employed. The majority of FENG members are gainfully employed and utilize FENG as a professional organization to keep in touch with their peers and keep up to date with current financial issues.  

Further, the connections established through FENG provide a variety of benefits to members including working with membership as a resource for input on business issues or topics of interest, serving as a forum for finding quality candidates for job opportunities, and identifying job openings to support members in transition.

In today’s stressed employment environment, it is almost a necessity to be referred, in some way, to your next employer.   The more people our members know, the better advantage they have to learn of new employment opportunities.  By establishing a FENG membership the individual is in a much better position in the event they lose their job … or when they wish to explore a career change.

To enhance the member’s business knowledge, FENG promotes Forums and Workshops, an education program that combines networking with business topics that are of interest to the members as business executives, employers, and employees.

In the end, the FENG organization fosters a spirit of support among its membership … by promoting cooperation, where members volunteer to help one another … and where, at minimum, moral support is ever-present for the member when transition maybe an issue.  The FENG Forum and Workshop events cover business topics that are of educational importance to our members … affording them a broader insight into some of the issues they may face in their employment.

The St. Louis Chapter

The St. Louis Chapter of The FENG operates under the same guiding principles as the national organization.  The Chapter was formed in 2000 and has grown to over 800 members representing a diverse range of industries and functional experience. 

Our local chapter holds monthly chapter meetings and regular educational events and happy hours with the primary purpose to provide an opportunity for FENG members to meet with each other and form personal friendships.   Monthly chapter meetings are devoted primarily to networking in multiple small groups.  Guest speakers are sometimes invited to address relevant issues.