Thursday, June 22, 2017, The Lodge of Des Peres
Managing the Spend Down - Increasing your odds of achieving your financial goals"
Presented by Elliot Dole, Buckingham Asset Management s
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Hopefully you have been successful in accumulating assets to reach financial independence. Your success was driven by an accumulation skill set - saving as much as possible, saving as early as possible, and making smart decisions with money. But when you are approaching retirement, you are faced with a new situation requiring a whole new skill set. How can you be successful spending down your portfolio while still meeting your goals and increasing the chances of NOT running out of money? This topic should be of particular interest to “Baby Boomers”, but should also be of interest to anyone planning their retirement. Most successful investors have an allocation plan, but very few have a written Spend Down plan, a key component of retirement planning. Elliot Dole, Wealth Advisor at Buckingham Strategic Wealth will present key Spend Down concepts discussing specific opportunities to manage tax costs in retirement. Rather than the old approach of only minimizing taxes in the current year, a Spend Down plan takes a long term view of tax management. This multi-dimensional approach traverses investment, tax, and wealth transfer planning.


Elliot Dole holds CFP® certification and is an Enrolled Agent. He has been in the investment industry since 2000, and an advisor at Buckingham since 2009. Elliot earned his MBA with a Finance concentration, and is completing an MS in Taxation.